Our Story

Saksham Sanchar Foundation aims at making rural India self reliant by training youths in journalism.

These small town and rural students are trained to bring stories from art, culture, trade, farming, traditions, heritage and Ayurveda segments to boost Brand Bharat.

As the grassroots stories mostly go missing with the big media houses remaining centered in the metros, we will train the rural youths to script/ portray a New India Story by repositioning the present Indian media system.

Our aim is to train youths in media and digital media platforms

We are mobilising all educational and communication channels for making students skilled.

We are pitching in students after visiting them in schools and colleges and are organizing workshops offline.

We are giving them field exposure and engaging them in different project activities at local and peripheral levels.

Saksham Sanchar Foundation (SSF) has been registered under INDIAN TRUST ACT, 1882.

Registration number : 569 under section 60

NGO Darpan registration id : DL/2018/0190099

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