Malwa Media Fest

Malwa Media Fest

Tribal and govt school students get a glimpse into the literary world.

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh: The first-ever Malwa Media Fest, a three-day event that started from Ujjain on January 26 concluded in Ratlam on January 28, celebrating literature, media, content, digital journalism and social media. The fest, organized by the Saksham Sanchar Foundation, was attended by hundreds of students from tribal and other government schools, who got an opportunity to learn from the veterans of the field and network with their peers.

Day 1: Ground Training in Ujjain

The fest began on January 26 with a visit to Ujjain, where the students of Gurukul of Journalism, a project of the Saksham Sanchar Foundation, got a chance to experience ground training with journalists. They interacted with the local media and learned about the challenges and opportunities of reporting in the region.

Day -2 | Content Workshop, Poetry Reading and Panel Discussions and Musical Night

The next day, the fest shifted to the main venue in Ratlam, where the programme was inaugurated by Sanjay Dwivedi, former DG, IIMC.

The next session was graced by Archana Sharma, senior journalist and Rajasthan bureau chief of IANS. She conducted a content workshop, where she shared her insights and tips on how to create engaging and impactful content for various platforms. She also encouraged the students to pursue their passion and follow their dreams.

Day -2 | Poetry reading session by Azhar Hashmi

After a lunch break, the fest resumed with a poetry reading session by Azhar Hashmi, a renowned writer and poet. He recited his poems on the theme of ‘Ram Wala Hindustan Chahiye’, which reflected his views on the contemporary socio-political scenario of the country. He also answered the questions of the audience and expressed his appreciation for the fest.

Day -2 | Panel Discussion: New India, New Media

The next session was a panel discussion on ‘New India, New Media’, moderated by Ruchi Shrimali, a YouTuber and researcher. The main speaker was Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi, former director general of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), journalist, editor and media teacher. He was joined by Jitendra Jakhetia, senior journalist and media teacher, DAVV, and Hiren Joshi, senior journalist and writer, Aman Vyas, journalist from Indore, Vaidehi, Mukesh Puri Goswami and Neeraj Shukla, journos from Ratlam.

The panelists discussed the changing trends and challenges of the media industry in the context of the digital revolution and the rise of social media. They also highlighted the importance of ethics, credibility and diversity in the media.

Day -2 | Panel Discussion: ‘Ram Mandir: Discussion on ego, misconception and rules’

The last session of the day was another panel discussion on ‘Ram Mandir: Discussion on ego, misconception and rules’, moderated by Hiren Joshi. The speaker was Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi, who shared his perspective on the historical, cultural and legal aspects of the Ram Mandir issue. He also addressed the myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic and emphasized the need for harmony and tolerance among different communities.

Day -2 | Musical Night: Manzoor Khan and Team

The day ended with a musical night, where the famous artist Manzoor Khan and his team enthralled the audience with their melodious songs. Manzoor Khan, who has spread his singing talent in the country and the world, performed a variety of genres, including folk, sufi, ghazal and Bollywood. The audience enjoyed the music and danced along with the performers.

Day -3 | Malwa and Media, Book Discussion and Valedictory Function

The final day of the fest began with a discussion on ‘Malwa and media’, where journalists and influencers shared views on the media scenario and opportunities in the Malwa region. They also interacted with the students and answered their queries.

The next session was a discussion on the famous book ‘Hey Ram’, by Prakhar Srivastava, senior TV journalist and senior consultant editor of DD News. The session was moderated by Hiren Joshi, who introduced the book and its author. Prakhar Srivastava talked about the inspiration and motivation behind writing the book, which is a fictional account of the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. He also shared his research and writing process and the challenges he faced while writing the book. He also read some excerpts from the book and received a positive response from the audience.

The fest concluded with a closing ceremony, where the organizers thanked the speakers, participants, sponsors and volunteers for making the event a success. They also distributed certificates and prizes to the students and felicitated the speakers. The fest was a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved and a testament to the power and potential of media.

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